In the summer of 1979, two sisters, their mother and grandmother set out in search of family history, but they find more than they bargain for when they reunite with a fourth-generation aunt.

Aunt Lilith yields a string of six husbands in her past – five of them dead and the sixth who might be plotting to kill her. Fearless and seasoned, she proceeds to colorize her nieces’ uninspiring worlds by dancing with their inner demons and calling out the obstacles they’ve constructed for themselves.

Beth is a worrywart who questions any action that could bend a rule. Shay struggles to define herself and wrestles with her first bitter taste of sexual harassment. Charlene battles hot flashes, insecurities, and an overbearing mother-in-law. Marie keeps emotions trapped in a fragile prison. Each woman has a secret. Each woman has a song.

As they tackle their complicated relationships, the women learn of a scandalous transgression committed by their kinswoman, Opal Barber. Could Opal’s crime be as bad as rumors suggest? And could her secret be any more shocking than one of their own?

Narrated with the blend of drama, comedy, and sadness that comprises every life, Benjamin weaves a tale that underscores the changing culture for women in the 1970s and celebrates the timeless resilience of perfectly flawed females.





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